Dive Sites

We can offer access to some of the most remarkable sites, which are rarely dived; combine this with warm waters, an array of incredible marine life and one of the most experienced instructors in Cambodia — this may well be the best diving you will ever experience.

We’re able to access all of Sihanouk’s divable islands within a few hours and on virtually every island there is an amazing diversity of hard and soft corals, reef fish, larger pelagic species, and spectacular varieties of macro-life.

Koh Rong
The largest of the islands situated off the Sihanoukville coast (approx 2 hours) lies Koh Rong with beautiful white sand beaches and home to over 2000 local people in four villages. With fringing coral reefs and interesting macro life there is diving for everyone with an average dive site depth of 12m.

The island offers a range of accommodation from shared dorms to private beach front bungalows even boasting solar powered A/C. For non-divers boat trips, trekking, fishing, swimming, snorkelling are available.

Koh Rong Samloem
A beautiful dive destination approximately 2 hours from Sihanoukville. The island is home to only one fishing village May Pei Bei or village 23 and is highly regarded as one of the best dive destinations. Fringing reefs surround the island with a vast biodiversity of corals, average depth 12-15 meters.

The biodiversity is huge with ribbontail bluespotted stingrays, trevally, batfish, angelfish, damselfish, barracuda, scorpionfish, gobies, blennies, wrasse, grouper, filefish, boxfish to name but a few. Macro ‘muck’ diving is becoming more and more popular with nudibranc, seahorses, seastars, brittlestars, seacucumbers and crazy crustaceans.

Koh Koun
An uninhabited island just off Koh Rong Samloem that hosts beautiful coral reefs with boulder clusters home to bamboo sharks, coral catsharks, giant puffer fish, masked porcupine fish and a plethora of reef fish – depths range form 5m-30m.
On the east side of the island a shallow bay is a seahorse breeding ground “the corral” which host many different species of these very special fish. Stonefish, scorpionfish and melibe are quite rare but spotted quite frequently along with octopus normally living in shells. Sea anemones home to Clarkes anemone fish are littered around – but beware these small fish defend their homes quite aggressively

Koh Tang
If visibility is your thing, then Koh Tang is for you. 2½-3 hours out from Koh Rong. It is available as a day trip for early risers. Coral reefs and schools of fish with recent whale shark siting make this arguably one of the best dive destinations in the Kingdom. Snorkelers and divers of all levels can enjoy Koh Tang which makes an excellent liveaboard experience. Depths 5-35m.

Koh Prins
Adjacent to Koh Tang, this small island is again renowned for excellent visibility and large schools of fish. Again excellent for both divers and snorkelers available as a day tip or liveaboard 2½ -3 hours away from Koh Rong.
Species include ribbontail blue spotted ray, white eyed moray eels, fusiliers, tuna, trevally, butterfly fish, scorpionfish, stonefish, parrotfish, wrasse, boxfish, batfish, angelfish, grouper, triggerfish, barracuda, bamboo shark, coral catshark, goatfish and many more.

Condor Reef
Situated 1 ½ hours from Koh Rong, this underwater paradise has spectacular rock formations, overhangs, swim-throughs – depth ranging from 5-40m with a plethora of fish species, nudibranc, crustaceans and often visit by cobia. This rarely dived site is only accessible during high season due to being very exposed with no nearby land mass, however it makes an incredible day out for experienced divers.

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