Our Dive Boats

Longtail Boats
For the traditional Cambodian diving experience. These boats are ideal for small groups who want to take part in our fantastic diving days out, where lunch is provided in a traditional Khmer village. They come stocked with fresh water, hot drinks, emergency first aid equipment, cellular phones and if you’re lucky après dive beers available to buy.

Mini Bee
10m diesel powered inboard engine with marine toilet and covered comfortable seating area for 12 divers. Equipment racks, life jackets, emergency O2 and first aid on board. It comes equipped with a marine band radio, cellular phone and GPS. This is the ideal boat for island hopping.

Barang Boat
20m diesel powered inboard engine with upper and lower decks both covered, shower and toilet facilities, large comfortable seating area for 42 divers. This is the flagship of the daily dive boats boasting music system, marine band radio, fully stocked refreshments, dry storage, all emergency equipment and of course marine band radio, cellular phones and GPS.

Bumble Bee
16m diesel powered inboard engine with large covered seating area for 22 divers, western marine toilet and equipment area with a fresh water shower, small galley with all emergency equipment, first aid, O2 and life jackets. It comes equipped with marine band radio, cellular phones, GPS and a depth finder. It is a superb boat for diving and snorkelling as it is able to reach remote areas.

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